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Welcome to the Point Blank World Community Point Blank Off Grid | Green Energy | Low Carbon, our aim is to give you all the information that you need to make informed decisions regarding having the green energy you need whilst minimising your impact on the environment.We will look at commercially available grid power such as n-power whilst also looking at green alternatives such as ground source heat pumps and solar panels.

Point Blank is combined thinking, total energy thinking that leads to better performance and lower household energy bills; this leads to more money for businesses, schools and hospitals...... think about it!

Help us in our work.

Greens everywhere are proving that clean, green energy is the future...


Solar grants available

There are other incentives available from several organisations that encourage the installation of various renewable energy installations as well.

>The Energy Saving Trust programme will run over three years and replaces the previous DTI Clear Skies and solar energy grants programme.

These solar energy grants are open to households, public, not for profit and commercial organisations across the UK (except the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). These programmes will demonstrate how affordable solar panels, energy efficiency and microgeneration can work together to create low carbon buildings.

This includes;

  • Solar Panels for Water Heating
  • Wood Fuel Boilers
  • Automated Wood Pellet Stoves
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Wind and Micro-Hydro power

These grants are available because the government is pushing for the uptake of solar energy to reduce our reliance on traditional forms of energy.

Point Blank World Community making change happen through public information

Encouraging the UK to adopt renewable energy

Point Blank World Community is a free website that is not linked or associated in anyway with any energy supplier.

what is the Point Blank Community?

Point Blank World Community aims to encourage people to think and act in ways which protect and improve the natural environment and shows how sustainable development is relevant to all of us.

Point Blank World Community is for people all over the world who want to make well-informed choices on such matters as:

  • renewable energy supply
  • managing household waste
  • purchasing of consumer goods
  • food supply
  • public and private transport

We seek "to advance public education in the protection and improvement of the natural environment and to raise awareness of activities which enable society to develop in a sustainable way."

We fully support the Brundtland Definition of sustainable development agreed in 1987 by the World Commission on Environment and Development (the Brundtland Commission) - "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

We believe that to have truly sustainable development, not only the environment but also economic and social issues must be taken fully into account.

We need volunteers to support our work and ensure the sustainability of Point Blank. We do not need donations of money but time to help us to carry out the work.

The success of Point Blank can only be judged by how much you get from visiting the website. We encourage visitors to become members so that together we can build a truly interactive Point Blank community. See our forum.


Creating Employment in the UK

Greener energy sources in general employ far more people than more polluting sources:

    • nuclear power sustains around one sixth of the jobs sustained by wind energy, per unit of power produced.
    • wind energy is four times better than coal at sustaining jobs.

The creation of meaningful employment in benign industries is an essential part of the Point Blank's vision, and the energy-saving and renewable energy industries can play a huge part in creating these jobs.

In 2014, the European Commission looked at the potential for new jobs in renewable energy in each European country (the MITRE study).

They estimated what would happen if each country achieved its current renewables target (19% for the UK by 2016, 27% for Europe as a whole). This was compared with what would happen if each country worked to exceed the 2010 targets (about 19% in the UK by 2015) and extended this enhanced commitment until 2025.

The net number of full-time equivalent jobs that would be created in the UK is shown below. These figures take into account any reduction in jobs in traditional energy industries.


Make a start Join our Community and start saving energy

If you're "keen to be green" but don't know where to start, check out our pick of these 15 simple yet very effective ideas for things you can do in everyday life to make a positive difference to the environment, your carbon emissions and even your bank balance.

Most will cost you nothing to do but all have the potential to reduce your carbon emissions - and your energy bills - by sizeable chunks.

Top 15 quick and easy green wins
Don't leave appliances on standby  
Only boil as much water as you need  
Switch off lights when a room is not in use  
Switch appliances with power packs or adapters off at the plug  
Foil-back your radiators to reflect heat back into room  
Recycle your household waste  
Kill your car engine when you're not moving  
Put on a jumper rather than just turning up the thermostat  
Switch to low-energy lightbulbs  
Dry your clothes outdoors when you can  
Avoid the power shower  
Cut back on your banking paperwork  
Stretch your legs and go out for a walk  
Cut back on your carrier bag usage when you're out shopping  
Work from home more regularly  


More green ideas from Point Blank
If you've already got most of the above under your belt, or just fancy having a go at something more adventurous, there are plenty of other suggestions to choose from.
Energy Saving Recreation & leisure
Waste reduction Money matters
Travel & transport Around the home
Water saving In the workplace
Shopping At your school or college

Domestic Solar PV

  • Contrary to some speculation in the media solar PV has a major role to play in the UKs transition to the low carbon economy. The feed in tariff has been lowered, but so have costs of the equipment meaning you can still achieve attractive returns and take up this technology.
  • We are strong believers in this technology owing to its key strategic role as catalyst in training skilled low carbon workforce, ease of deployment relative to other energy options and ability to tackle fuel poverty and generate strong and solid income streams for well in excess of 25 years backed by manufacturer guarantees.
  • Contact us below

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    REA - Renewable Energy Association

    REA established 2001 as a not-for-profit trade association, representing British renewable energy producers & promoting the use of renewable energy in the UK. They help their members build commercially and environmentally sustainable businesses whilst increasing the contribution of renewable energy to the UKs electricity, heat, transport & green gas needs.